Rotary Club of Ningbo is supporting the Ningbo Charity Federation and therefore doing the following call to all manufacturer and trading companies which are in the business of gift items, stationary, household products, party and garden products toys, sports gear and bicycles family products, toddlers and kid’s items. Also welcome: unused medical aid devices, wheelchairs, crotches etc..
The items must be new, but can be samples of no commercial value. If no original packing is there, it is acceptable.
Electrical items must be save for use in China.
The products will be sold by the charity shop for raising money to support the federation’s charity work in Ningbo and partner projects. Clear your stock room now and help others.
Please send small items directly to the office of the Ningbo Charity Federation. For large items (Bicycles, washing machine, cooker, refrigerators etc) please contact the below address before.
海曙区西河街74号5楼 – 宁波市慈善总会 Attn: Mr Vincent Phone:0574-8724 1408
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Thank you
CP Eckhard Rotary Club Of Ningbo

宁波扶轮社是支持慈善总会的一个俱乐部,在此呼吁所有经营下列产品的制造商和贸易公司,产品包括:礼品,文具,日用品,派对及园艺产品,玩具,运动器材,家用自行车,幼童及儿童用品。也欢迎:医疗救护设备,轮椅,拐杖等…这些物品必须是新的,或者是没有商业价值的样品。即使没有原包装也能接受。电子类产品必须是符合中国安全规范的。这些产品将在慈善商店售卖,用于筹款来支持宁波的慈善总会的工作以及合作项目。清理你的储藏室来帮助别人吧!请把小的物件直接寄给宁波市慈善总会办公室。对于大的物件(自行车,洗衣机,炊具,冰箱等)请先联系下面地址:海曙区西河街74号5楼宁波慈善总会Vincent先生,电话0574-8724 1408。请分享此条信息到你的微信及所有朋友。帮助别人很容易,为了更好的世界,做出一点改变吧!谢谢!
CP Eckhard 宁波扶轮社