What Happened-Ningbo Rotary 21-11-2016

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What happened this week 21-11-2016

Last meeting before the Christmas party.
Starting 18:40pm
Nelsilya informed by WeChat, that 58 tickets are sold. We have committed 60 seats to the Shangri La Hotel. Therefore the costs are covered for the event.
Eckhard has contacted James Xi , GM Shangri La Hotel, for considering offering our charity apples to the attending crowed during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on 1st December evening. He is informed that Rotary Hangzhou and his colleague from Sofitel HZ has about 400kg apples in stock which can be shared with us. Waiting for Mr. Xi feedback.
Hardy will source in Yiwu for Christmas caps und simple toys ornament for the giveaway to the children during the party. Eckhard will be updated during Tuesday.
Eckhard will check in Metro for some sweets to be put into the Santa Claas sack for the kids in the room.
The handing over of the collected toys to Ningbo Charity Federation is planned for Friday morning at the Pylon office in Gulou. Members are welcome to join in. Kristina has mentioned already that she would like to participate in the event.
Diane and Vladimir confirmed that they will be happy to play during the party. Timing 60-80 minutes depending on the actual situation.
To give more content to the website and make it easier for members to follow-up the development, rolex replica watches in future the content of the meeting reports will be ****partially *** published on the www.ningborotary.com website.
It was mentioned that Young, assistant of SR Frank Yih, did mention that our website is looking well, however mentioned that the logo is not strictly in compliance with the Rotary Logo regulations. The rotary Wheel should be on the right site only.
In the year to come it is planned to have one monthly speaker attending the meeting as a guest. Each member can bring a friend with him to attend the meeting too.
Kristina paid for 2 adult and 2 kids tickets for the 27th November event.
Meeting followed by some socializing in Lobster bar.



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