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News shared by CP Eckhard

1.    I would like to share the following information with you, received by our SR Frank. Rotary International is growing satisfactorily from beginning of this Rotary year on July 1, 2016 to end of August 31, 2016 memberships increased 14,552 or 1.205% in 2 months (July and August in 2016), if the rate continues RI can expect 6 x 1.205% = 7.23% increase or 7/1/16 nr. 1,207,913 x 1.0723 = 1,295,245 or increase of 87,332 new members addition.

If the current 20 China based clubs having a total number of Rotarians at 500 growing to 30 Clubs on June 30, 2017, say 750 Rotarians.  BTW the Rotaract and Interact members are exceeding Rotarians Club members in numbers, it is telling that RC has large number of potential Rotarians growing up to be excellent Rotarians, ready to serve humanity. 

Best Wishes, add fuel to light up Rotary.


2.    Ningbo RC news.

RC Ningbo will hold a X-mas Year ending celebration party on Sunday 27th November. It is open to all Ningbo Expat community and their families, guests and friends. We want to make it the highlight of the season and therefore all RC members Ningbo are kindly expected to contribute with ideas and creativity to this event.

Also we are considering to hold a “Share your Toys” activities where Kids and Families can bring in their “ Not anymore favorite toys” to the event and RC Ningbo will forward these toys to a Ningbo Charity organization which will give them to local kids in need and migrant children. We will invite representatives of the Ningbo charity organization to join the event.


Also looking forward to someone leading the Event committee.

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