Celebrating Mother’s day at Rotary China HQ

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We had come together to welcome RIPE Barry Rassin in China. As it was also mother’s day we used the opportunity to share a special cake to congratulate all our mothers.

As you can see we also got a training from first hand. 🙂

By SR Frank Yih

Our sincere gratitude’s go to all Club Presidents and PEs and of course your member Rotarians for hosting and showing Barry and Esther what China is really like an what are we doing in China – making a difference for sure, thank you !


My bid for 24 month long SR farewell is getting closer day by day, if there is a last minute favor or things undone but can make a difference in your community and China in general it is not too late to tell me since I am known as an active handson executives and love to see quick results specially when life saving, sick-ness curing and chance to extend helping hand to the underprivileged in the West of China are concerned.


Yours Truly and Rotarily


Frank Yih

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