Apples For Charity

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For the 11th year running, Madaifu Apples are back in Shanghai.

Ningbo Rotary is joining the project.

Since 1999, the organization The Children of Madaifu has been helping orphans from Gansu and northern Shaanxi stay in school through a unique program : “Orphanage without walls” (see :

click here to go to the order page.(opening in newpage/tap)


1 carton/box (10 kg) = 300 RMB

The purchase of one box of apples enables Madaifu to support one child for 2 months!

Families: don’t hesitate to buy several boxes. Apples keep for a long time and are delicious both raw and cooked.

Companies : buy boxes in advance to resell or offer as gifts to your employees.

How to order and pick up apples ? In order to organize our stocks, please place the order right now here and we will get back to you with the details. you can use WeChat money transfer for the payment. If other payment required please let us know.


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