All Members Annual Meeting And Elections

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This is the formal and official call to all members of RC of Ningbo to attend the closed meeting on 19th November 2017 at Ningbo Shangri La Hotel. 18.30 starting (Sharp)

Room to be announced by SAA Evelyn in Wechat group

Cost for the event and dinner is RMB 150 payable at the evening.

This cost will apply to all members as attending is compulsory.

Special guests and witness of the annual meeting of RC of Ningbo will be

  • SR Frank,
  • AG Richard
  • CP Harry.

Reports will be given by

  • CP Eckhard
  • Secretary Sarah
  • Treasurer Lyman

The current board will resign formally to end of June 2018 and call for new elections. New seats will be taken in July 2018. Until that time the current board will fulfill his duties.

All full members of RC of Ningbo are kindly requested to step forward and apply to be nominated for the postions

  • President
  • Vice President ( if members request such position)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chair Fellowship
  • Chair projects
  • Chair Youth work (Rotaract, InteractRCC etc…)

The elections will be done following the bylaws and constitution of RC International.

Amendments to the by-laws will be possible if  the quorum of 2/3rd of members is reached.

In any unavoidable case of non-attending, it must be stated in writing to the secretary, the plausible reason for such. If  acceptable by the board, the voting right can be passed to any full member of the RC of Ningbo to vote on behalf of the non-attending member during the annual meeting.Such letter must be signed and received by the secretary 48 hours before the start of the meeting.

Non-attending members can be voted into the board.

Ningbo Nov 2017

CP Eckhard


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