Ningbo Rotary Club members represent a diversity of 12 nationalities and variety of professions.

We meet weekly for 1 hour and have a social event once a moth.

Please find some information about Rotary Club Ningbo

  1. Rotary 是世界上最早的NGO
  2. Rotary 是非政治性组织
  3. otary是非宗教性组织
  4. 目前Rotary的社员未外籍人士,或者持有外国护照的华人
  5. 与中国宋庆龄基金会签署了合作备忘录

6.     Rotary鼓励社员参与社区服务,但不支持公开募集资金

1.     Rotary is the most senior NGO.
2.     Rotary is a non political organization.
3.     Rotary is a non religion organization.
4.     The current Rotary members in China are foreign expats or Chinese who hold foreign passports.
5.     Rotary has signed the letter of Intent to Cooperate with The China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.
6.     Rotary encourage Chinese Rotarians to do the community service, but not encourage to raise fund to the public.

Über Rotary

Unsere Mitglieder sind in über 34.000 Clubs organisiert und kommen aus allen Ländern, Kulturen und Berufen. Wir tauschen Ideen aus und werden zum Wohl unserer Mitmenschen in Gemeinwesen auf der ganzen Welt aktiv. Mehr über uns erfahren Sie auf www.rotary.org.

Chi siamo

Il Rotary unisce leader di tutti i continenti, settori e culture per scambiarsi idee e adoperarsi per soddisfare i bisogni delle comunità di tutto il mondo. Il Rotary ha oltre 34.000 club impegnati in iniziative di servizio sociale per rispondere alle sfide e ai problemi della comunità locale. Essi, inoltre, instaurano partnership con club di tutto il mondo per aiutare a migliorare le comunità internazionali.

Visita www.rotary.org/it per approfondire la tua conoscenza sul Rotary e scoprire altri modi in cui farsi coinvolgersi.

Sobre Rotary

En Rotary se unen los líderes de distintos continentes, culturas y profesiones para intercambiar ideas y tomar acción que satisfagan las necesidades de las comunidades en el mundo. Los más de 34.000 clubes rotarios emprenden iniciativas de servicio para salvar los obstáculos que encaran estas comunidades, y colaboran con otros clubes para hacer el bien a nivel internacional. Visite www.rotary.org para conocer y participar en las obras de Rotary

À propos du Rotary

Le Rotary regroupe des leaders de tous les continents, cultures et professions qui échangent des idées et montent des actions locales et internationales pour répondre aux besoins des communautés du monde entier. Visitez www.rotary.org pour en savoir plus sur le Rotary et comment vous impliquer.

로타리 소개

로타리는 다양한 지역, 문화, 직업을 아우르는 리더들을 연결해 아이디어를 나누고 세계 각지의 지역사회를 위해 실천에 나설 수 있도록 해줍니다. 이 순간에도 전세계 3만4,000여 개의 로타리클럽들이 가까운 지역사회를 돕기 위해 봉사 프로젝트를 실시하고 해외 클럽들과의 파트너십을 통해 지구 곳곳의 지역사회들을 개선해 나가고 있습니다.

지금 www.rotary.org를 방문해 로타리에 대해 알아보고 보람찬 참여의 기회를 누리세요.

About Rotary

Rotary unites leaders from continents, cultures and occupations to exchange ideas and take action to meet the needs of communities around the world. Rotary’s more than 34,000 clubs undertake cheap prom dresses service initiatives to overcome challenges facing their local communities and partner with clubs from around the world to help improve international communities.

Visit www.rotary.org to learn more about Rotary and find additional ways to get involved.

For support with Rotary Ideas, please email: social@rotary.org

And most important… Meet us directly in Rotary Club of Ningbo